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Booth Space Info

Find all of the information regarding renting space, including terms, and conditions.

A Little About Us

Dealers from other stores are always saying to us: "It's always so busy here."; "At your prices I can buy and still resell it at my shop."  And, it's true.  Our model at A Classy Flea is to provide an ever-changing eclectic mix of products, at the most competitive prices, in a very friendly environment.  As a result, we have developed a large following of dedicated shoppers. From antique dealers who make us a part of their regular "rounds", to designers and decorators who are always looking for just that right thing (at just the right price), to families who make it part of their weekend routine, thousands have experienced A Classy Flea is "the FUN place to shop".

Is it Right for You?

The dealers that work at A Classy Flea are a dedicated group of individuals and very much like a family.  They stock their booths with desirable and well priced inventory so it moves quickly and keeps the store fresh.  Also, they provide warm and friendly customer service to everyone who enters the store because A Classy Flea dealers spend time working behind the counter. So, our dealers get first-hand knowledge of what type of items are selling and at what price point; they get to know the regular customers and the types of things they like; and, best of all, our dealers do not pay a commission on their sales.

If you like working with people, have a mix of furniture and decorative accessories, enjoy pricing your items to sell quickly, don't mind helping customers load their purchases, and can dedicate one day per week and one Saturday per quarter to working the counter, A Classy Flea may be right for you. If you just want to drop your inventory off, check on your space a couple of times a month and pick up your payments once a month, you probably should investigate opportunities at another shop.

Still Interested?

If you're still interested, please review our terms and conditions below.  If you think you would be a great fit with our family at A Classy Flea, please complete and submit the application.  Once we receive it, someone from the Application Team will contact you.  Thanks for thinking of A Classy Flea.


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Space is leased month-to-month at a rate of $2.85 per square foot. A full space is approximately 120 square feet (10' x 12').  We require a 3-month commitment.

A security deposit of $350 is required prior to move-in.

The security deposit will be returned (written 30-day notice required) with a clean empty booth, all fees current, and all keys returned.

Payments to dealers are made weekly and 7-day’s rent is withheld from each week’s disbursements.

A processing fee of 5% is withheld for all non-cash payments.

No Commission is charged on sales.


All information submitted on this form must be correct.

If currently in another shop, you must be in good standing with all fees current.

Prior to moving in, all dealers must submit copies of their current City of Marietta Business License (specifically for A Classy Flea) and Georgia Sales and Use Tax Number.

All dealers at A Classy Flea are working dealers. You must work behind the counter 1-day-per-week-per-space (ringing-up customers, wrapping, loading, etc).

Dealers must also work 1-Saturday-per-quarter in addition to their normal weekday. (Saturday dealers excluded.)

Booths should be stocked with an attractive mix of furniture and accessories. Our focus at A Classy Flea is antiques and vintage items, home and garden furnishings and decor.

No more than 25% of your booth inventory should be new.

All dealers must be able to perform all duties expected of our dealers including opening and closing procedures, handling money, assisting customers with ideas, and loading light to medium weight purchases.

No fur or other "dead animal" products allowed.

No name brand accessories that are subject to knock-offs.